David Leslie was born in Sydney, Australia.  David grew up in a Christian family in NSW, Australia.  David completed year 12  and went on to carve out a successful and well respected career in corporate world.

In his late twenties David had drifted from his Christian heritage and began searching once again for the meaning of his life.  Reflecting the prodigal son returning home to his Father, this time David had an encounter with the living God and felt his life radically changed from that point forward.


After receiving Jesus into his life, David began an executive coaching corporation that worked with individuals, small businesses and large corporations. David had the honor of coaching the unemployed, working professionals, sporting stars, politicians and CEO’s of major corporations. As part of this business David also ran customised six day public seminars on biblical principles of success. At the end of each of these programs David would share the Gospel and it was this that inspired David to a life committed to ushering in the  Kingdom of God.


In 2003 David and his young family moved from Sydney to Queensland where he began to feel the strong call to preach the Gospel in Africa.  During this time he setup a childcare, property development and commercial retail group and has since used the income to  fund a not-for-profit Childcare’s abroad, that practically brings in the Kingdom of God.

In 2008 David was selected by Reinhard Bonnke along with 39 other Evangelists from around the world to attend a 2 day intensive Evangelistic Training program in Orlando USA. This program intensified David’s passion for preaching to the poor and was the catalyst to start healing and gospel crusades in Africa, which is now the focus of his energies.


David Leslie is a man with a heart focused on bringing God’s message of salvation, healing and freedom to the lost souls of the world. Coupled with a strong entrepreneurial edge Davids passion is to see the Kingdom of God infiltrate every part of society.

This is why, In 2011, David re-launched a new business initiative, with the intent of acquiring and investing in companies that could help fund social and cultural initiatives to build the Kingdom of God and eradicate social distress. Crestcorp International (www.crestcorp.com.au)  now has ownership and interests in a multi-million dollar portfolio of property development, mining, new technologies, consulting, merchant banking and childcare.

David now shares his time between building his companies, teaching and preaching on the Kingdom, running his crusades and Kingdom Economic Summits abroad.

His desire is to see the Kingdom of God brought to earth through the love and power of Jesus Christ.





With the ever increasing urgency to bring the message of Jesus to our world, we need to have a soul focus!